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It started with a contest. The Great Bike Giveaway, organized by the Friendship Circle in Michigan, is an annual contest in which children with special needs can win their very own adaptive bike. Will Barkoskie, a St. Johns County second grader with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, was hoping to win a Rifton Adaptive Trike so that he could be like his friends and sisters and ride around the neighborhood. The trike could provide independence, exercise and a moment to be like other kids. His family knew it was a perfect fit—in lieu of a wheelchair, he rides a similar bike at school.

The contest awarded bikes to those nominees with the most votes. In a quest to drum up last minute votes, Will’s mother reached out to First Coast News to see if they would spread the word. First Coast News Anchor Heather Crawford quickly followed up and aired a story the next day.

The community’s response was tremendous. Churches, businesses, community organizations and individuals reached out with support and encouragement. It was also through the news coverage, that we became aware of other children in Northeast Florida who were also entered in the contest and had hopes for a bike made just for them.

Will ended up not winning a bike at the contest’s conclusion, but due to the generosity of MasterCraft Builder Group, he received his lime green Rifton.

Now, with First Coast News and Northeast Florida Builders Association’s continued support, our goal is to get bikes for the other children that participated in the contest. Six area childen also requested Rifton trikes that were subsequently sponsored by area organizations.

Currently, there are 4 local children that still need a specially made Duet bike that allows them to ride in tandem. As you can imagine, these bikes are expensive and retail over $6,000 and are most often not covered by insurance.

Every child should have the experience the feeling of the wind on their face and the thrill of the ride. Our goal is to raise the $20,000 needed to purchase bikes for these remaining children:

Logan B. is an 18-year old with cerebral palsy.

Trace M. is a loving and playful 6-year old boy who happens to have a disorder called Lissencephaly. He suffers from low muscle tone as well as other developmental delays.

Kaemon T. has cerebral palsy and autism. His favorite things to do are go riding in the car, being pushed in his wagon or a swing.

Matthew A.  is a 12-year old who loves to fish. Matt also has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and lives in Arlington.

NEFBA will be accepting donations to purchase these bikes. Donations are greatly appreciated and will be accepted through April 1.


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