Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Click here to download & print the application. Once you gather all documents and complete the application, call the NEFBA office to schedule an appointment to submit (904) 421-0296.

Carpentry applications are accepted year-round.

Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC applications are currently being accepted through June 2017.

How does the NEFBA Apprenticeship program work?

The NEFBA Apprenticeship is a highly structured training system in which Apprentices work full-time, for a sponsoring employer learning the skills of the trade. This On-the-Job Training is paid and under the direct supervision of a journeyworker/mentor. In addition, a minimum of 144 hours per year of in-class technical instruction is required.

Upon completion of the program an Apprentice is considered a journeyworker. Apprentices receive a State Completion Certificate, which is recognized nationally and internationally.

The NEFBA Appenticeship program is a non-union program registered with the State of Florida.

How long is the program?

The program is four years long. During that time, an Apprentice will accrue 8,000 hours of paid on-the-job training and more than 600 hours of in-class technical instruction.

What trades are registered in the NEFBA program?

The program currently trains Apprentices in four building trades: electrical, plumbing, carpentry and heating/air conditioning/refrigeration.

Where and when is related technical instruction held?

Classes are held at an approved educational facility from September through April, two nights per week on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for three hours per night.

Is the Apprentice paid for classroom attendance?

No, the Apprentice is not paid to attend class. However, tuition for the class is paid by the employer.

Is there any cost to the Apprentice to participate in the program?

Yes, the Apprentice is responsible for purchasing textbooks and any applicable lab fees.

How much is an Apprentice paid?

First year Apprentices start at 50 percent of the established journeyworker’s wage and receive five percent increases every six months thereafter.

Who oversees the program?

Four individual trades committees, each made up of five participating contractors, develop curricula, interview applicants and monitor the progress of Apprentices.

The Executive Committee, made up of two representatives from each of the trade committees plus two builder members, sets general policies for the entire program.

Is the program approved and monitored by the Florida Department of Labor?

Yes, representatives from the Florida Bureau of Apprenticeship monitor the program.

Who may be a Participating Employer in the Program?

Any licensed contractor who is a member of the Northeast Florida Builders Association may agree to become a participating employer.

Can a contractor enroll existing employees in the program? Yes. Contractors can enroll existing employees in the program. In addition, if a contractor has not previously participated in the program, he may “grandfather in” any of his existing Apprentices. This is a one-time only privilege allowed by the state.

When is the contractor billed?

Apprentice tuition is billed at the time of indenture or when first hired and on July 1st for successive years.

Is the program approved for veterans administration benefits and does it meet the requirements for Davis-Bacon (Federal) jobs?

Yes, it is an approved program. On Davis-Bacon jobs (federal), the Apprentice must be paid his proper percentage rate applied to the prevailing wage determined for that particular job or the Association wage rate, whichever is higher.

When are applications taken?

Applications for electrical, heating and air conditioning and plumbing trades will be taken in Febuary, April, June and July 2015. Applications for the carpentry trade are taken at anytime during the year.

Can the Apprentice be advanced in less than four years?

Credit may be granted for verified work experience and/or training, based on employer’s recommendation and instructor and trade committee approval.

For answers to any additional questions, contact apprenticeship@nefba.com for the  NEFBA Apprenticeship Program.