Nassau Builders Council

Nassau Builders Council

The Nassau Builders Council is a council of NEFBA for builders, remodelers and other companies who have an interest in the construction industry, specifically in Nassau County.

The group discusses, forms opinions, petitions local government, and takes actions on issues facing the construction industry in Nassau County. In doing so, the council provides members with an opportunity to become involved and take an active role in the events and issues that shape the construction industry in Nassau County.

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Pictures from the 14th Annual Builder-Realtor Charity Golf Tournament at Amelia Island Plantation.
The first place team in the 14th Annual Builder-Realtor Charity Golf Tournament held in September at Amelia Island Plantation included (left to right) Dean Radtke, Jacob Hill, Steve Johnson and Mark Sobolewski.
(Left to right) Corey Deal, Bo Alvarez, Winn Findig and State Rep. Aaron Bean played on the team that took second place in the Builder-Realtor Charity Golf Tournament.
The first team to tee off for the tournament included (left to right) Tim Shillings, Glenn Layton, Brad King and Scott Merritt.
Before the tournament, NEFBA golfers ate lunch alfresco next to the Oak Marsh Course at Amelia Island Plantation.
Members of the Nassau County Council held a meeting after the Nassau Charity Golf Tournament where member Bill Moore gave a government affairs update.


Nassau Builders Social

Thursday, February 5
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Contact Palmer Kuder for details/RSVP,